MAP Mix 9001 Gas Mixing System

MAP Mix 9001 Gas Mixing System

The MAP Mix series is based on a proportional gas mixing principle especially designed for packaging machines and other industrial applications where the gases carbon dioxide, oxygen and the inert gases nitrogen and argon are used either in a 2-gas or 3-gas combination.

The mixing principle of the MAP Mix series is very unique and can be used for all types of packaging machines, e. g. flow packaging machines and gas vacuum packaging machines.

The Dansensor gas mixer is very user-friendly with high accuracy - also under conditions usually causing problems for the repeatability of most other mixers. The mixer features detection of a too low gas inlet pressure with an alarm relay output to the external control.

Benefits of the MAP Mix 9001 proportional gas mixer

  • Accurate and reliable technology
  • Easy to use
  • Alarms operators of pressure drops
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Virtually maintenance free

Features of the MAP Mix 9001 gas mixing system

  • For blending of 2-3 gasses
  • Flow ranges from 20-400 litres/min (40-850 SCFH)
  • Pressure/buffer version for tray sealing and thermoforming machines
  • Version with flow adjustment for flow packaging machines
  • Gas inlet pressure alarm

The MAP Mix series are easy to use gas mixers with low maintaince and an accurate gas mix.