Standard Detector Tubes

Gastec standard detector tubes are provided in separate box. All Gastec detector tubes are provided in boxes. Each box contains 10 detector tubes of the same kind. A box of twin tubes contains 5 Analyzer (Detector) tubes, 5 Primary (Pretreatment) tubes which…

Passive Dosimeter-Tube

The dosimeter tube method utilizes the principle of gas diffusion. Using the holder (Dosi-Tube Holder No.710-3 pcs. in package) attach the tube to the breathing zone of the worker. (i.e.,lapel) and measure individual exposure Time-Weighted-Average (TWA).

Kits and Accessories

Pyrotec Pyrolyzer No.840(for Tube 51H,51, 51L,53, Toxic Gas Detection Kit No. TG-1, Waste Water Test Kit No. WPT-132, 133, 135, Extension Hose No. 350A/350A-10, Hot Probe No.340 Hot Probe Holder No.345A, Smoker Tester Kit No.500


Model GV-100S Gas Sampling Pump Kit, its accessories (3 rubber inlets and 1 lubricant), and the instruction sheet are provided in a carrying case. Model GV-11 00LS is the larger shoulder bag which includes same accessories as 100S. Durable leather shoulder…

Detector Tubes

This tube measures the Sulfide Ion (S2- ), Chloride Ion (CI- ), Mercury (Hg),Iron Ion (Fe2+), Copper Ion (Cu2+) , Zinc (Zn) , Nickel (Ni), Chromium (VI) Ion (Cr6+), Ozone (O3) dissolved in water. Place the sample water in a container. Brake off both ends of…