“RBR” Model: ecom-D


“RBR” Model: ecom-D


  • Up to 4 gas sensors (Longlife)
  • ± 100 hPa differential pressure measurement
  • Thermal quick-printer (optional module)
  • Soot measurement via soot pump (option)
  • Backlit display
  • Condensate monitoring
  • Professional gas preparation by mini gas cooler equipment (option)
  • 3-chamber tubing, coaxial sampling probe
  • Special tubing with Teflon sleeve e.g. for NOx and SO2 measurements (option)
  • T-Room sensor with magnet for easy fixation on metal surfaces
  • Integral module for data storage on MM card (card optional)
  • Wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi data transfer module (option)
  • ecom PC software free of charge
  • Comprehensive accessory program (remote display, special probes, manual soot pump set…)



ecom-D Easy With O2 & CO (H2-comp.) Longlife sensors; fitted in aluminium housing with high-value pistol grip sampling probe SU
(250 mm) D= 10 mm; thermocouple, cone and high-value 3-chamber tubing (2.60 m); high-value T-Gas plug; T-Room sensor with cable,
fixation cone & magnet; power pack, automatic CO switch-off and purging (without measurement interruption); optical condensate
monitoring; operation manual on USB drive; calibration certificate – issued after 100% calibration in climatic chamber; PC software for
data management downloadable free of charge from www.rbr.de


Measuring variables
O2 (0-21%)
CO (0-4000 ppm)
Gas temperature (0-500°C)
Air temperature (0-99°C)
Pressure (± 100 hPa)
Differential pressure (± 100 hPa)
CO extended range (0-10.000 ppm)
CO% measurement (0-63.000 ppm)
NO measurement (0-5000 ppm)
NO2 measurement (0-1000 ppm)
SO2 measurement (0-5000 ppm)
H2S measurement (on request)
Differential temperature
Calculation variables

CO2, CO(undiluted), NOx, losses, efficiency (0-120%),
dew point, mg/kWh, mg/m3, adjustable O2 ref.

LC display, 79 x 53 mm, 240 x 160 dots
Backlit for optimal reading also in the dark
Data Processing
Data logging function
Data storage on optional MM card (card optional)
Storage and illustration of disturbance diagnosis data provided wireless by ecom-AK read-out head
Data exchange with ecom PC softwareEN 50379-2 and 1st BimSchV approved
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface at choice (option)
Remote data view & saving/printer start via ecom-R (option)
Sampling Probe
Sampling probe pistol grip style 250 mm
Fixation cone
3-chamber tubing 2.6 m
Measurement Gas Preparation
Quick gas transport (measurement values available promptly)
Condensate trap with filter function
Electric gas cooler (option)
Operation Safety Features
Temperature trend indication for core stream search
CO switch off without measurement interruption by exceeding of preset limit value
Automatic fresh air purging by CO exceeding
Automatic fresh air purging after measurement
Optical condensate monitoring with filter function
Electronic condensate monitoring (option)
Longlife sensors
Thermal quick-printer 58 mm (optional module)
Charging connection at analyser
Multifunctional interface
USB interface for data transfer
Power Supply
Battery (Li-Ion) / Mains power
Including external charger
Hard-shell transport case made out of plastics (accessory)
Plastics transport case with foam inlets (accessory)
Starting by approx. 2 kg (basic version w/o. printer/gas cooler) – depending on selected features

For More Information Please visit http://www.rbr.de