“RBR” Model: ecom-CL


“RBR” Model: ecom-CL


  • Up to 3 gas sensors (Longlife)
  • ± 100 hPa differential pressure measurement
  • Integral thermal printer 58 mm
  • Soot measurement via soot pump (option)
  • Backlit display
  • Electronic condensate monitoring
  • 3-chamber tubing, coaxial sampling probe
  • T-Room sensor with magnet for easy fixation on metal surfaces
  • Emission, temperature and draught measurement without plug connection change
  • Internal memory for 300 measurements
  • ecom PC software
  • Comprehensive accessory program



The ecom-CL is an all-round model for business starters, ideal for measurements at gas fired units.


Measuring variables
O2 (0-21%)
CO (0-4000 ppm)
Gas temperature (0-500°C)
Air temperature (0-99°C)
Pressure (± 100 hPa)
Differential pressure (± 100 hPa)
CO extended range (0-10.000 ppm)
NO measurement (0-5000 ppm)
Calculation variables

CO2, CO(undiluted), NOx, losses, efficiency (0-120%),
dew point, mg/kWh, mg/m3, adjustable O2 ref.

LC display, 70 x 40 mm, max. 8 lines
Backlit for optimal reading also in the dark
Data Processing
Internal memory for 300 measurements
Data exchange with ecom PC software
Sampling Probe
Coaxial probe 220 mm
3-chamber tubing 2.2 m
Fixation cone
Measurement Gas Preparation
Electronic-monitored condensate trap with dust filter
Soot filter for enhanced particle capture
Operation Safety Features
Temperature trend indication for core stream search
CO switch off without measurement interruption by exceeding of pre-set limit value
Automatic fresh air purging by CO exceeding
Automatic fresh air purging after measurement
Connection for gas leak detector ecom-LSG
Serial interface for data transfer
Power Supply
Battery/Mains power
Including charger
Leather-imitated transport bag with powerful rear magnets for instrument positioning on metal surface, with lengthadjustable shoulder carrying strap. Document storage compartment in the back and side storage compartment for charger and small parts.
Dimensions / Weight
Approx. 390 x 250 x 200 mm (L x H x W)
Approx. 4.6 kg (complete)

For More Information Please visit http://www.rbr.de