OpTech Optical Oxygen Sensor

OpTech Optical Oxygen Sensor

Multipurpose optical oxygen measurement - versatile and innovative

The OpTech® - O2 Model P is a simple yet effective tool for any laboratory with the need to measure oxygen inside a closed package or container. The OpTech gives the user the ability to measure the oxygen in a non-invasive manner through a transparent foil – making it perfect for shelf life determination of oxygen sensitive products.

Additional accessories like the OpTech needle and the ImPULSETM sensor enable the OpTech to measure oxygen in applications with limited headspace and also to measure oxygen through opaque packaging material.
The OpTech measures oxygen using an optical principle, which means that it does not extract any gas from the sample and thus makes it ideal for long-term testing of the same package.

Benefits of the OpTech optical oxygen sensor

  • No gas extraction
  • Fast reading of O2
  • Shelf life testing
  • Headspace measuring

Features of the OpTech optical oxygen sensor

  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Light weight
  • PC software included
  • Invasive needle