Portable Biogas Analyzer ETG MCA 100 Bio-P

Portable Biogas Analyzer ETG MCA 100 Bio-P

This system is suitable for the measurement of the biogas in a single point, and performs continuous measurement of CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S, with activation or not of a suction pump, useful for the sample. It is the version of “Portable” dell’MCA100 BIO and has been designed for those who need to monitor the composition of the biogas in several places. The analyzer is mounted inside a hard case impact resistant, equipped with touch screen 5.7 “, capable of recording up to 1000 data analysis, has an autonomy of 8 hours and has the unique remote diagnostic system ETG via Ethernet, which allows us to verify the functionality of the tool directly from our offices, providing assistance wherever you have an Internet connection. L ‘MCA100 Portable is designed and developed entirely by ETG.

Like all of ETG Biogas analyzers, even the model MCA 100 Bio P is remotable, in the standard version, on PC and Smartphones.


  • Measured Gas:

    CH4 0…100 vol% (NDIR) CO2 0…50% (NDIR) O2 0…25 vol% (ECD) H2S 0…5000 ppm (ECD)


Display Touch Screen Touch Screen 5.7”
Sample characteristics Anhydrous, Powder 1um, free from oils, etc.
Sample pump Internal (can be activated trought software)
Output USB (data download)
Precision CH4,CO2 +/- 2%
Resolution CH4,CO2 (0,01%)
TD+T90 10s (NDIR)
Warm-up time Usable 30s. – Full stable 10 min.
Battery 12V Lithium rechargeable
Power cable included
Power 220/230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Temperature 0-50°C
Humidity 5-85%
Weight 5 Kg
Dimension 380x330x220