Biogas analyzer Plug & Play system model ETG 6500

Biogas analyzer Plug & Play system model ETG 6500

The ETG Biogas 6500 analyzer series is the ideal solution for the measurement of biogas combustion and industrial applications for their precision, stability, reliability, wide measuring range, and variety of form factors available. Unlike other analyzers, ETG 6500 uses NDIR techniques for the measurement of CH4 and CO2

These single-point analyzers are used to monitor the composition of the biogas, which uses methane (often the Biogas contains large amounts of CO as a contaminant). The analyzers ETG have the ability to measure CO2, CO, O2 and H2S in addition to methane and thus are able to provide with precision the composition of combustion gas, the purpose of optimizing the process.

ETG, also, in order to maintain low maintenance costs, has devised a system for cleaning of the electrochemical cell to measure H2S, installing an automatic measurement cycle and flushing air environment. In this way, the electrochemical cell measuring H2S is preserved and will last longer. During the cleaning time, totally manageable by the user (for both activation and cleaning time), is “frozen” the last reading, do not get the false statements.

And other advanced optics and electronics of our NDIR analyzers have virtually eliminated the drift of the zero after the initial period of heating. The temperature compensation and pressure eliminates the major causes of span drift typical of many NDIR instruments.

The ETG 6500 is the version of Wall-Mounted Biogas analyzer developed entirely by ETG.

This version has been specially designed for the Biogas plant and includes a system for reducing the condensate (liquid through stop + peristaltic pump)

We can customize the analyzer according to the customer’s specifications