Process Analyser with Low Maintenance Demand


ISM-3 Process Analyser with Low Maintenance Demand


  • High reliability and accuracy - better than +/-1% of reading
  • Low maintenance - 3 years between calibrations
  • Large measuring range - 100% - 1 ppm, autoranging
  • 2 oxygen concentration alarms
  • Self-diagnostics - detection of vital parameters with alarm output
  • Broad user interface - menus with many set-up possibilities
  • Separate display and sensor unit for high flexibility



The Industrial Sensor Module (ISM-3 I) measures oxygen in inert gases and CO2 and targets applications like the various types of nitrogen generators. ISM is a digitally controlled analyser, featuring user programmable gas alarms and complete self-diagnostics with system alarms. An extremely versatile analyser with ver y low maintenance requirements and high reliability.

As a standard the analyser has a solid state sensor with a ver y broad measuring range, 100% - 1 ppm oxygen. Optionally the analyser can be configurated with other sensors and for other gases.

ISM-3 features separate sensor and display box with user interface for easy panel mounting. This allows for mounting of the small display unit where convenient and the sensor unit can be placed where there is best room for it. However, ISM-3 can also be delivered as an integrated unit with display built into the analyser cabinet.

ISM-3 features relay contacts for gas alarms and system alarms, RS 232, and optional 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 Volt with free range setting.