In-line gas analyser for gas/vacuum packaging machines


CMV-2 In-line gas analyser for gas/vacuum packaging machines


  • Clean hygienic touch screen operated control unit with an icon based user interface
  • Deep electronic integration with the packaging machine
  • Separate sensor and control unit for easy mechanical integration in the operation area of the packaging machine (no need for use of a control unit for those who wish to use the interface of the packaging machine for controlling the CMV-2)
  • Direct control/measurement of the protective atmosphere from the vacuum side of the product in less than 1 sec.
  • RS 232 included
  • Robust industrial design made in stainless steel/ aluminium
  • Built-in alarms for high and low gas concentrations - alarms will stop the packaging machine automatically
  • Built-in complete self–diagnostics
  • 100% data logging of the MAP quality
  • 32 set-up programmes, each with 4 alarm levels per gas
  • Optional: delivered with a very accurate electronic gas mixer



The CMV-2 (Combi Module Vacuum) is an in-line oxygen/ carbon dioxide analyser designed for use with vacuum gas packaging machines. The gas analyser for oxygen measurement is based on a ceramic O 2 sensor, and for carbon dioxide measurements an infra-red sensor is used, both are developed and manufactured by Dansensor A/S.

The instrument works in-line by measuring the gas content non-destructively before sealing in each package index. If the residual oxygen or carbon dioxide for a reason or another should not be within the user-defined levels an alarm will be activated and the packaging machine will stop or a alarm light will flash. The system can also detect most malfunctions in the die, leach, wacuum pump, ect. e.g. a worn-out seal between the dies or other parameters.

The CMV-2 can also be controlled and programmed from an external computer. This feature also proposes multiple set-up programmes for individual alarm levels per package type. The programme will at the same time log measured data. A unique feature of the CMV-2 is its capability to perform a direct control measurement of the protection gas from the vacuum side of the products in less than 1 sec.

Finally you have the possibility of integration with an electronic 2 or 3 gas mixer, which can be controlled from the panel of the CMV-2.