Hand-held gas analyser for spot testing


CheckPoint II Portable Gas AnalyzerCheckPoint Hand-held gas analyser for spot testing


  • Small compact hand-held gas analyser
  • Battery power for min. 2500 measurements for the 02 and CO2 version. Min. 400 measurements with the CO version
  • Memory function
  • Low sample gas volume
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Rugged carrier case, free of charge
  • Needle protection in the housing



Portable gas analyser for quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP)

Portable, reliable and easy-to-use
Measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide content is a must, whether your packages are few or many. The only real question is: Which testing device suits your operations best? For smaller production runs, or if you’re just getting started with gas flushing, we recommend the CheckPoint portable analyser.

CheckPoint gives you all the answers you’ll need—and in seconds. There’s nothing complicated about it: no need to adjust the flow, no need to compensate for temperature, no worries about cross-sensitivity or other technical issues. Simply power it up and start testing. PBI-Dansensor’s proven sensor technology ensures accurate and reliable measurements every time.