MAP Check 3

MAP Check 3 On-line Gas Analyzer
MAP is the future. But companies using more gas than necessary to produce MAP products run the risk of becoming history. That’s why we’ve designed this gas analyser to be so precise. With the MAP Check 3, the gas target you set is the gas dosage you get. It…


ISM-3 Process Analyser with Low Maintenance Demand
The Industrial Sensor Module (ISM-3 I) measures oxygen in inert gases and CO2 and targets applications like the various types of nitrogen generators. ISM is a digitally controlled analyser, featuring user programmable gas alarms and complete self-diagnostics…


CMV-2 In-line gas analyser for gas/vacuum packaging machines
The CMV-2 (Combi Module Vacuum) is an in-line oxygen/ carbon dioxide analyser designed for use with vacuum gas packaging machines. The gas analyser for oxygen measurement is based on a ceramic O 2 sensor, and for carbon dioxide measurements an infra-red…

CheckPoint II

CheckPoint II Portable Gas Analyzer
Looking for a gas analyser that’s state-of-the-art – yet simple enough for everyone to work with? Then check out the CheckPoint II. It’s “simply” advanced – easy to use plus packed with everything needed to make the transition from paper-based to electronic…


CheckPoint Hand-held gas analyser for spot testing
CheckPoint gives you all the answers you’ll need—and in seconds. There’s nothing complicated about it: no need to adjust the flow, no need to compensate for temperature, no worries about cross-sensitivity or other technical issues.

CheckMate 3

CheckMate 3 Headspace Gas Analyzer
CheckMate 3 lets you test gas-flushed packages fast and cost-effectively—a necessity for high-volume brand-name manufacturing. Operators can tell at a glance if gas composition is within the required levels. It also provides the traceability you need:…

Can Piercer

Can Piercer
The Dansensor Can Piercer is an option for our CheckMate 3 and CheckPoint II headspace analysers. The Can Piercer can, among others, be used for measuring headspace in the following packaging types: Milk powder cans, Soft drink cans, Wine bottles, Ready to…