Hand-Held Automatic Dewpoint Hygrometer


SADPmini Hand-Held Automatic Dewpoint Hygrometer


  • User Selectable Units - ºC, ºF, ppm(v), ppb(v), ppm(w), g/m3, lbs/MMSCF
  • Desiccant Dry Down Assembly for Quick Measurements
  • Real Time Graphic Logging to PC
  • Advanced DATA Logging & PC Download
  • RS485 Serial Communication
  • 4-20mA Analogue Output
  • Rechargeable Battery - Over 250 hours of continuous operation on full charge
  • Electronic Automatic Calibration
  • Pressure Correction Computation
  • Various Ranges between -110ºC to + 20ºC dewpoint
  • True Hand Held Device - Weighing Less than 1.2 kg
  • Fully Self-Contained
  • User Friendly
  • Multi-Level Security to Prevent Unauthorised Tamper
  • Robust Ergonomically Designed Custom Housing



This is a fully self-contained digital portable dewpoint meter which will deliver the most dependable moisture measurements in industrial and laboratory applications.

The model SADPmini is the first truly portable device of its kind. Weighing only 1.2kg, the unit is designed to fit and be used in the hand.Its diminutive size and weight however, delivers, full funtionality, witha host of features. The incorporation of stainless steel quick connect fittings, together with the Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber, allows rapid dewpoint measurements which saves both time and cost.

This compact and portable unit is supplied as a robust and rugged, yet lightweight, hand-held device, ready to use with calibration certificate traceable to National and International Humidity Standards, two metres of PTFE sampling hose, universal battery charger and full instruction manual.

Model SADPmini is available in various ranges from -110บC to +20บC Dew Point. The Large backlit Graphical display reads in a variety of user selectable units (บC, บF, ppmV, ppmW, ppbV, g/mณ, lbs/MMSCF) and display logged data graphically over a selectable time period.