Single Channel Hygrometer


DS2000-1 Single Channel Hygrometer


  • Advanced functionality with user-friendly design
  • Accuracy ±2°C Dewpoint
  • Automatic Calibration
  • RS485 serial communications
  • 2 Independent, fully programmable alarm relays
  • Linear retransmission signal of current or voltage
  • Cable Length of up to 1km to sensor
  • Calibration Traceable To National & International Standards



The dewTEC Model DS2000-1 from Alpha Moisture Systems is a single channel, online hygrometer designed to accurately measure dewpoint in process gases and dry compressed air. This panel mounted DIN style dewpoint meter combines advanced digital technology with the industry leading ultra high capacitance aluminium oxide sensors - the acknowledged industry benchmark for trace moisture measurement in process gases.

The combination of advanced display electronics and full specification sensors makes this the unit of choice for a wide range applications due to it's flexibility and high configurability and ease of use through its menu driven operation.The instrument can be factory configured to order to read in °C dewpoint, °F dewpoint, ppm(V), g/m³ or lb/MMSCF .

The measured dewpoint is displayed by means of a large 5½ digit, seven segment LED display. Model DS2000-1 also offers two independent, fully user programmable alarm contacts and open collector outputs to provide all the versatility required for any application. The factory set, analogue, current or voltage output, that is linear with dewpoint, is available as well as RS485 serial connection with 1-99 address settings. The dewTEC DS2000-1 is a fully self-contained display system in 1/8 DIN panel mounted case providing front panel protection to IP31.

The dewTEC DS2000-1 can be supplied together with any one of a range of dedicated, ultra high capacitance, sensors incorporating automatic calibration and covering an overall range from -110ºC to +20ºC dewpoint. The sensor has been conditioned for long term stability so ensuring a long