X-Stream is a range of encoder and decoder units that provides H.264 video encoding/decoding



  • H.264 Compression Technology Provides High Quality, Low Latency & Bandwidth Video Streams
  • ONVIF Compliant
  • Up to 3 Multicast/Unicast Streams Per Video Channel
  • Built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) Used to Generate Alarms & Automate Video Binding
  • Video Loop-through Option for Direct Connection to Devices e.g. DVRs Available on All Channels
  • Direct to Fibre Transmission Option (via SFP Optic Interface) for Long Distance Transmission Negates Needs for Additional Media Converters
  • Robust Design for Industrial Use
  • MTBF > 100,000 Hours
  • Decoding Channels Automatically
  • Reconnect to a Home Stream After Set Interval