PortaGreen Calibration Gas

PortaGreen Calibration Gas

PortaGas has developed a recyclable cylinder program utilizing a complete line of reusable, sustainable cylinders. This eliminates the cost and work associated with the current cylinder disposal process.


The new PortaGreen cylinders can be conveniently returned to PortaGas for reuse using the Strip and Ship program. These cylinders are more compact and globally approved.

The Strip and Ship Program Features

  • Eliminates Hazmat disposal fees
  • Pre-paid FedEx Labels included with each cylinder, return to PortaGas at no cost to you
  • No valve to break or cylinder to drill out
  • Double your volume with the same environmental footprint
  • Simply strip off the perforated shrink wrap on the outer tube and place in the plastic tube

How to Use

  • Strip outer layer of shrink wrap at the perforation to reveal the tube for the cylinder of gas
  • Remove the black cap and place on the bottom of the tube. Either remove your cylinder of gas or use it while in the tube
  • Attach regulator to cylinder and use cylinder until empty
  • When gauge reads zero, remove regulator and pull cylinder out of tube
  • Next, simply strip perforated section on the cylinder's shrink wrap to reveal pre-paid return label
  • Place empty cylinder back into the tube and place the black cap back on. The shipper will scan the bar code on the pre-paid shipping label.
  • No paperwork to fill out!

Commonly Requested Gases

  • Industrial Hygiene Gases
    • Ammonia, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Carbon Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Carbon Monoxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Chlorine, balance Nitrogen
    • Ethylene Oxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Hydrogen Chloride, balance Nitrogen
    • Hydrogen Cyanide, balance Nitrogen
    • Hydrogen Sulfide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • LEL% Methane, balance Air
    • LEL% Pentane, balance Air
    • LEL% Propane, balance Air
    • Nitrogen Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Nitric Oxide, balance Nitrogen
    • Sulfur Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Zero Air
    • Zero Nitrogen
  • Environmental Gases
    • Benzene, balance Air or Nitrogen
    • Isobutylene, balance Air
    • Toluene
  • Quad Gas Mix for Confined Space Entry
    • Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, LEL (Methane/Propane/Pentane) and Oxygen deficiency, balance Nitrogen

Other gases available on request.